School Overview

Children with special needs are unique individuals who have certain characteristics. Therefore, the education and advancement methods used must also have a distinctive characteristic style. They require intensive and comprehensive attention to help optimize their developmental growth to its fullest. It is imperative to act early so to maximize each acute stage of the child’s natural learning process. However, such an intensive and comprehensive education bears a considerable cost which many parents are unable to meet. Problems are further compounded by a lack of specialized educators with training in helping these children. We are here to help them and all others to the best of our abilities and provide these special children from God with a good start in life.


Facilitating Children with Special Needs in the process of developing their potential of growth in accordance with the stages of development.p>


Our schools to become a model / example of effective education techniques for helping children with special needs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia


Educating Children with Special Needs (ABK) to be more independent with the ability to equip themselves in accordance with the stages of growth and development as well as the uniqueness of each.