K-Link Care Center Overview

Concern K – Link to the social and humanitarian issues has been ongoing since the early days of its inception, K – Link routinely make postal funds for social and humanitarian activities. Management K -Link has the view that as part of ‘The people of Indonesia’ K -Link Must contribute against Public Welfare Indonesia in general. This led the K-links to form a K-Link Care Foundation, so that social activities and humanity can be well organized and be able to reach more of those in need. K-Link Care is a non-profit foundation formed by K-Link aims as container manifestation of corporate social responsibility. The programs of K-Link Care Foundation have a social nature of humanity and education. One of the K-Link Care program is to assist the development of education for school-age children by providing educational scholarships for top students from poor families, providing scholarships K-Link Care for 50 middle and high school students has been going on from 2012. For humanitarian programs, K-Link Care Foundation continues to provide food aid, medicines and stationery for victims of natural disasters in Indonesia as relief for flood victims in Jakarta in 2013, the earthquake in Aceh, which occurred in 2013 and Sinabung Volcano Disaster in 2014.K-Link Care Foundation formed a K-Link CADS Center as a therapy center for children with special needs from poor families.

K-Link Care Center Profile

Theraphy Programs

Behavioral Therapy

is a form of therapy that serves to assess the child’s behavior, and if there is an issue (maladaptation) seek to change it in accordance with existing environmental norms.

Occupational Therapy

which is a form of therapy in order to improve the skills and abilities of self performing daily activities.

Speech Therapy

which is a form of therapy used in order to improve and develop a child’s speech function, either in the form of articulation and understanding of the language, so in accordance with the desired rules.

Remedial therapy

which is a form of therapy in order to improve the ability of students in the academic realm.

SI Therapy

which is a form of therapy in the form of a modified gross motor movement (gross motor) as well as fine motor skills (fine motor) in order to assist and develop normal motor function in accordance with age and development.