Welcome To K-Link Care Center

K-Link Care Centers are purpose built schools for children with special needs. They were established by PT. K-Link International due to its concern about the future of children with special needs. Currently, we have two schools: one in Indonesia and the other in Malaysia. We facilitate children with a variety of conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Austism, Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Cerebral Pulsy, Slow Learners and Developmental and Speech Delay, among others. With the range of educational and therapeutic services which we provide, our great hope is to optimize and develop the potential of each and every child we work with

K-Link Care Center School

K-Link Care Center School hosts a range of activities and programs in order to develop students’ socializing skills and improve their independence. As well as teaching academic skills, we offer real life activities to support the students’ all-round growth


Facilitating Children with Special Needs in the process of developing their potential of growth in accordance with the stages of development.p>


Our schools to become a model / example of effective education techniques for helping children with special needs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia


Educating Children with Special Needs (ABK) to be more independent with the ability to equip themselves in accordance with the stages of growth and development as well as the uniqueness of each.

Activity Daily Living Skill

We tutor students regarding the importance of self-reliance while developing their basic skills to make them more self-sufficient.


Theraphy Programs


We improve their capabilities with a wide range of complementary therapies such as Sensory Integration, Behavior Therapy, etc


Cooking Class

Provides students with the understanding of preparing simple meals and drinks to improve their autonomy life skills


Art and Craft

We facilitate and encourage students to express themselves through various forms of arts and crafts activities.


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